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How to add an event to the team calendar

1- In  google calendar or app

2- Create event (PBR/Online, city,


3- In 'Add Location' put address

     (if online, in Notes, put Zoom 


4- In the add guests box add:

5- Click Save

Google Calendar
Apple Calendar

1- Go to calendar app

2- Create new event (PBR/Online,

     city, mentor)

3- Click Invitees

4- In the "To:" box write:

5-  If in person, put Address.  If

      online put Zoom link

6- Click Done

7- Go back to new event 

8- Click Add

Event Information:
Title: Location, Event Type, Rank of leader, Leaders Name
Address Field: Home address for in person
If Online: Zoom Link info in Notes Field

Orem PBR, Emerald Felicia Goble

If event must be cancelled or rescheduled,
In the 'Title', put updated information for partners to see.


Orem PBR, Rescheduled to Wednesday
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